Arrow Wallpaper

The next project I wanted to tackle in my studio space was my real arrow wallpaper wall. I’ve had a vision of this in my head for a while now. And as an added “effect” I wanted the arrows to look like they’re coming out of the ceiling, going into the wall, and flying “through” the electrical sockets. What? Yeah, pictures are definitely the best way to explain this.

Since I make and sell arrows in my store, sourcing the pieces was pretty easy.If you’re curious as to how to make an arrow, stay tuned, I will be creating that tutorial shortly. But if you’d rather purchase arrows, eBay and archery ranges are a great place to find vintage or used arrows (I love used arrows because they have a lot of character). For this project I wanted to accent the natural materials in the arrows- wood, metal, feather- and chose to use a neutral color palette with some pops of color.

I also grabbed double stick tape, measuring tape, a hand saw, and a pencil.

First, I cut tiny strips of the double stick tape and attached them in 3-5 places on the arrows, making sure to line the tape up on the shaft. If the arrow is straight, three pieces is great. If the arrow has a curve, I would use five. 

Then I attached an arrow to the wall. This can be done taking measurements, but I kinda love leaving it to feeling and vibe here.

The first arrow ends up being your anchor point. Once attached, I used it to place the other arrows based on angle and space between each arrow.

And then go for it! I placed all the arrows that didn’t need to be cut first.

I used a hand saw to cut the arrows that went into or out of walls or went “through” the sockets. Make sure to cut these at an angle. Again, use double stick tape to adhere to wall.

Of course, I couldn’t do it without my trusted helper, Max.

Well, he mostly just watched. 

And voilà! Real arrow wallpaper. Looks pretty great in pictures but even better in person! And the special effect created by the arrows “going into and coming out of the wall” really adds to the vibe. Hopefully this inspires you to get creative with some real arrow wallpaper designs of your own! And if you don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself, contact me and I can create one for you!

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