Leather Patchwork Puff Sleeve Top

I pulled this lovely piece out for some inspiration. Isn’t it beautiful?! My mom created it in the 70s and held onto it all these years. I am beyond thrilled that it still fits!

My mom was so amazing at putting together these patchwork pieces. I especially loved that they are made entirely from leather remnants. It’s a great example of reuse at its finest.

The leather is buttery soft and supple, and forms to my figure perfectly.

My mom also told me that the little leather “x” was made by her cutting leather strips from different color leather, then woven in by hand.

And of course, I love the puff sleeves! There are also little vintage buffalo nickels adorning the leather gathers on the sleeve. Unfortunately one is missing, but I’ll find a replacement.

And the logo, “The Slow Stitch Co.” inside. My mom’s hand carved and hand stamped her logo, which makes it all that much more special to me. <3

This piece inspires me to bring more natural elements into my studio. I would also love to create a leather pillow or purse based on this top.

Ooooh, I think I feel a project coming on… 

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