Aludra Arrow


Arrows make lovely display pieces to give your space that extra “tszuj”. They can be placed on the wall as art, used to hang other art, tapestries, or macrame, or they can be placed in a vase, like flowers. They also make a great gift!

All arrows are named after stars in the sky. This one is called:
► Aludra “maidenhood” arrow

Painted with light salmon and black stripes.
► Black goose feather fletch.

Arrow shaft has been branded with my logo, “Slow Stitch”.

Measures 27 1/4 inches long.

All arrows are made to order.
► The actual arrow may vary slightly from pictures. All the arrows I paint are from seconds and/or repurposed materials. Sometimes the tips are older, feathers a little beat up, or paint is chipped. But that’s what I love about them. They’re perfectly imperfect. I think it’s what makes each piece unique!

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Additional information

Weight 14 oz
Dimensions 36 × 3 × 3 in