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The story behind The Slow Stitch Company – Everything Handmade.

In 1968, at the age of 18, my mother learned to sew. Shelley loved the process of it but deemed herself a slow stitcher. However, this didn’t discourage her. Instead, she spun her own inside joke into her business name, The Slow Stitch Company. Over the years she constructed ornate patchwork items made of patterned textiles, leather, and denim. Her work was worn by musicians and ended up on many band record covers, shown in the Museum of Modern Art, and sold in Los Angeles boutiques.

Around the same time, my father, Doug, started working in the music industry as a roadie. He toured all over the world and has told me some amazing stories about those times. This part of his life was hugely influential on him.

In the early 80s, after a lot of experiences and years on the road, the couple decided it was time to slow it down. They purchased land in Oregon and shifted their focus to family and farm. Shelley shelved The Slow Stitch and Doug worked at his new career as a farrier.

Fast forward to 2015, and in celebration of my parents’ bohemian maker spirits, I am bringing the Slow Stitch back. My parents are my best friends and biggest influences on my life. What better way to celebrate them than to share their story and pick up where they left off. Currently I am creating my own collection of work. While creating I have also been collecting their stories and tracking down photos and pieces from my mom’s collection (which I plan on turning into an archive). I see it as a way to always remember them as the incredible, creative human beings they are, a kind of love letter to my folks.