Shou Sugi Ban Shelves

I put up “floating” Shou Sugi ban shelves! There’s a section of the studio that was just begging for them, and I could really use the storage space. But for these pieces, I wanted something a little different. A while back I found a photo of this beautiful zebra stripe looking wood, and I wanted something similar.  So I turned to the traditional Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban for my shelves, which involves charring cedar wood with fire, creating a finished piece that is black and weatherproof, bug proof, and lasts for a long time. 

I went a little less traditional route and chose pine wood. I like the wood being a lighter color and it burns beautifully creating lovely stripes. Every piece was cut to 44 inches at the hardware store so they would fit. I was also excited to find something that didn’t break the budget, especially since I would be doing so much refinishing to them.

I used a rag to remove any excess charcoal. Then I painted the pieces with a whitewash stain and again wiped them down with another rag. I decided that the charred wood without this stain was a little too dark and would distract in photos. I was also looking for uniformity in the color and the stain really helped with that.

I’m not showing this step in pics, but I spray painted the L brackets with gold spray paint. Then I found the studs (with my stud finder) and attached them to the wall with my 1.5 inch screws, then attached the wood to the brackets with the 3/4 inch screws.

Make sure your shelves are even- very important! Max helped me a lot with this step.

Then add items to the shelves. My plan is to fill these beauties with lots of plants, so stay tuned. I will be sharing some plant tips and some styling ideas for the pots. Lots of fun projects on the way with this!

I think the final product looks pretty awesome. It’s not perfect, but I’m okay with that. I also love the way the texture pops out with different lighting. It’ll be so lovely with my future product shots and mini videos. I’m pumped!

Thanks for reading!

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