The Slow Stitch on Slowing Down

A while back a friend asked me if I should change the name of the company from The Slow Stitch to The Fast Stitch. She mentioned that having Slow in my company’s name implied that I would provide slow service, etc. I told her that the name had a different meaning for me. That instead of living a fast-paced, everything right now kind of life, I saw my company as a reminder to slow down. To find balance by being more in the moment and make more conscious decisions (the dictionary defines conscious as “aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake.” Love that!)

And I mean to do this by finding balance while also learning how to make and fix everything in the space around me. How to quiet the mind with meditation and yoga. How to make my space really mine by embedding it with my personality and creativity. How to replace clutter with meaningful items. How to go through my wardrobe and pull out the crap and keep only the quality. How to give more and take less.

So what does this mean on a finite level? My goal is to:

Really, I hope to inspire. Inspire change within myself and others and to be more conscious of the world around us. And maybe by learning how to do this, it can inspire others to make some changes too. I absolutely don’t mean to be condescending or preachy, but informative and helpful. I’m so enthralled with a lot of what this world has to offer and I want to learn about it, and in turn, teach about it. I’ve noticed a big disconnect between people and want to see that reversed. To see people love and care for each other again, no matter their differences. Because I still believe, even with everything that’s going on, in the family of man. We’re all in this together!


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