Weathered Wood Peg Shelf

I have this tiny space in my studio that was the perfect size for a photo background and shelf. So I made this weathered wood shelf that has removable and interchangeable dowels and small wood shelves. Perfect for my storage and photography needs!

I took my inspiration from other DIY pegboard shelf sites. Loving the clean lines and utility of the plain plywood shelves, but for my purposes, I went with something a little more wild and vibey (you might notice I’m partial to natural wood that has seen some wear).

I used a 1 inch Forstner Bit to make the holes for the pegs. Because I’ll be using this piece as a background in photos, I’m not going to go the full-on pegboard route. So I’ll start with a few holes and add more as needed.

Luckily, I found a lovely piece of weathered plywood at the Atwater Rebuilding Center for 3 bucks! One side had turned a sun faded grey that reminded me of the barn on my farm. Score!

Using wood 1×2 inch strips and 1 inch dowel I already had, I cut the pegs and support brackets.Then created a mixture of black tea and grey paint to make a stain that matched the weathered look.

I even tested different filters with this shelf and found lots of variations I can create. And the wood is so cool, all the knots remind me of peacock feathers. I really lucked out with this piece, it photographs beautifully and was super easy to make!

And the last photo in this bunch? Not sure what it means, but I think it looks cool. 

Thanks for checking this out!

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