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A quick project I did for my studio space is my wood standing desk with casters. I needed a piece that worked in the space aesthetically and could be moved easily. So I made a “found wood” desk (two large wood pieces sourced from a wood reseller, but the legs and skirt were free) with casters.

I won’t go into too much detail with the steps of making this, but instead show parts of the finished product, because it’s what I like to call a “quick and dirty” project. I had the need, and very quickly built a desk. If I had it to do all over again, there are things I would do differently, like not using any metal hardware. However, being what it is, I’m really happy with the look and function- it’s exactly what I had imagined!

To start, I drew up my concept. The idea was pretty simple, so mainly just needed the specs. Then I gathered the materials for this project: wood for desk top + skirt + legs, drill, wood screws, L brackets, glue, casters, level, adjustable straps, wood stain, and dowels.

The desktop was made by gluing the two large pieces of wood together and then securing with straps. I made sure to line these up with a level so the table’s surface was even. I also reinforced the two pieces with scrap wood. Then the desktop was left to dry overnight. Here’s what the underside of the desk looks like:

With the legs and table skirt, I got a little crafty since I don’t own an angle drilling jig. I used my drill at an angle to make holes and attach the skirt and legs with screws.

Then I really cheated and added a bunch of L brackets, which worked great to secure the desktop down. This desk is solid!!! I have even stood on it to hang things, much to the chagrin of my husband 😬. 

And in case it wasn’t sturdy enough, I added screws through the front of the legs to the skirt. I made them go extra deep so that I could fill the holes with wooden dowels (plugs), and then I distressed them to match. I love the way it looks like these plugs have always been there!

After all was in place, I flipped the desk over and added casters, two of which lock (a must if you’re going to stand on it. But please, don’t!).

And now I have a lovely wood standing desk that moves. It has been so great in the space, I love the texture and coloring for photos and how easy it is to station anywhere in my space. Maybe it will inspire others to make the desk they really want!

Until next time!

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